The Beginning is in The End.

It’s 1:03 am on a Thursday. I’m sitting in bed, alone in my room. As I type, it occurs to me that Dolphin Safe Tunes has been live on iTunes & Amazon for a little over 49 hours now. A concept that still seems unfathomable….

For over a year, the EP has existed outside of reality as a motley collection of melodies, poetry, and fragments of song ideas. The fact that Dolphin Safe Tunes exists now (in a tangible form) is truly mind-blowing.

As you know, this journey has been a tedious process, a multifaceted learning experience, and an all-around crazy adventure! For the past nine months, I’ve often been asked why I chose to make Dolphin Safe Tunes and the honest answer is this:

I made Dolphin Safe Tunes because of the happiness it brings me, the unknowns it forces me to question, and the adventures it dares me to take.

From the launch of the campaign, when I sat in my friend’s bathtub, clad in mermaid attire….To the choir room, where I watched students from Chicago Public Schools perform music I wrote in my bedroom…To the recording studio where I sang into an 83 year-old RCA microphone…. EVERY single moment of this journey has been its own unique adventure and the surprises along the way have brought countless smiles to my face.

If I’ve learned anything from this journey, it’s this:

Do for the sake of doing. Trust your curiosity and follow your happiness.

Lastly, I’d like to extend my sincere gratitude to each and every person who has supported me though EVERY step of the process. Thank you for being a part of thewhole and for simply believing in me. 

Over the next few weeks, please continue to be patient as higher tier rewards are fulfilled. In the meantime, enjoy Dolphin Safe Tunes and please feel free to share the following links with anyone who might be interested in hearing the music you helped create. 

Happy Listening!

With love,

Jaime Lyn :)

Dolphin Safe Tunes on iTunes:

Dolphin Safe Tunes on Amazon

DST Engagement! 

DST Engagement! 

Aquarium Adventure!

Aquarium Adventure!

The students from the AAEP Vocal Ensemble will be featured on the EP’s final track entitled “Believe”

The students from the AAEP Vocal Ensemble will be featured on the EP’s final track entitled “Believe”

X-mas Morning Part Deux!!!!!

10:30 am: Drums, please!

Wednesday morning we kicked off the morning recording drums in the percussion studio, naturally…

Fun Fact #1: It turns out the “cavernous maze” of a building that houses King Size Sound Labs is in fact NOT an old paper factory BUT the remains of a WWII Munitions Factory…so there’s THAT nugget. 

Fun Fact #2: the rehabbed studio space was once the President’s Suite at said WWII munitions factory, naturally…


Fun Fact #3:  While in the studio kitchen, I glanced up (mid water bottle refill) to find, of all things: The Starkist Tuna mascot.!!! 

Dolphin Safe Tunes Recording session meets recording studio decked out with whimsical tuna art?!  Umm, hi can you say DES-TUNE-Y??? (Puns, right? Remember those)

 Ultimately, I took this as a crystal clear sign from the heavens that it was ALL meant to be

Sing-a-thon 2013

The remaining 3 hours of the day were spent recording vocals… 

The process of writing these songs has taken me a little over a year. They have each had so many lives…and subsequently many little deaths, some larger than others.  Over the course of 14 months, I’ve witnessed them evolve from pages of ideas scribbled on paper & melodies hummed though my iPhone to FULLY fleshed out musical journeys.

There is something so miraculous about witnessing the birth of a creative idea as it floats out of the ether of your imagination and slowly vibrates into the world as tangible matter.

Sappy  as it may sound, getting to record these songs at the microphone was a very transformative experience. It was as though I was simultaneously putting to rest and giving life to ideas that have been in the making for many moons…. 

Thank you for helping bring my imaginations to life :) 


Jaime Lyn 

Recording VOX for Dolphin Safe Tunes 

Recording VOX for Dolphin Safe Tunes 

Pa-rum pum pum pum,Me and my drum….

Pa-rum pum pum pum,
Me and my drum….

Hold the phone! Look what was in the kitchen at the recording studio
(The Starkist Tuna guy: A.K.A. Destiny)

Hold the phone! Look what was in the kitchen at the recording studio

(The Starkist Tuna guy: A.K.A. Destiny)

Christmas Day (aka Studio Day 1 DST)

Sunday was a cool day. Plain and simple. It. Was. Cool.

This past Sunday, I spent the day at King Size Sound Labs here in Chicago with my co-writer/producer Mike Malarkey. Located in a cavernous maze of a building that used to be an old paper factory,  King Size Sound Labs, certainly lived up to its name.

Once we found our way inside, we were face-to-face with make-music heaven!  Between the grand piano, organ, various mixing boards, amp collection, and original RCA microphone from 1930 (I repeat: 83 YEAR OLD microphone in the house!) EVERYTHING about this day was screaming: "MAKE MUSIC FUN-TIMES, PLEASE!!!" (and we did.)

First up on the docket:

  • Record the vocals for Voodoo Charm: 

This song is SO much fun to perform! Mike and I often joke that this is the Disney villain song on the EP. Voodoo Charm oozes (yes, I just used the word “oozes”) with playfulness and a sultry pinch of evil- villainy sass. Voodoo Charm is my tribute to the great Eartha Kitt and I can’t wait to share it with you! 

Trumpets, and Trombones, and Saxophones, oh my! 

  • Record Horns for 1.21 Gigawatts and Big Girl Lullabies! 

Jeff, Ethan, and Corbin (the boys of Second City Horns) quite literally blew me away with their sweet brass-stylings!  It is SUCH a sweet-caramel-coated-brass-horn shaped treat to have them contribute to Dolphin Safe Tunes! Below is a moment of pure improvised music magic:

Christmas ALL over again…

The best thing about Christmas Day is that it comes not once but TWICE! Our next studio session (a.k.a. Christmas Part II) is on Wednesday 4/24  (Eeee!)

What’s on the Wednesday To-Do List, you ask?

  • record piano! 
  • record drums! 
  • record vocals for 1.21 Gigawatts!
  • record vocals for Saint of Hypocrisy!
  • record vocals for Believe!  
  •  pinch myself 


Let it be known that when I am in the studio, in writing sessions, and even when I’m just practicing songs in the shower you are ALL with me! (Okay, maybe not so much in the shower cause that’s a little creepy) BUT SERIOUSLY: Not a moment goes by when I don’t think of how blessed and grateful I am to have your support! Thank you again. So very much!!!

With love and utmost respect,

 Jaime Lyn 

Pre-Chinese food lunch break hang in the studio 

Pre-Chinese food lunch break hang in the studio 

Ladies and Gentles, ready your ears for the smooth brass stylings of Jeff, Ethan, and Corbin (a.k.a. Second City Horns) #DST #Horntime

Excuse me, umm..hi, I just sang into an 83 year-old RCA microphone. #omg

Excuse me, umm..hi, I just sang into an 83 year-old RCA microphone. #omg

Recording horns for 1.21 Gigawatts

Dolphin Safe Tunes EP Sneak Peek!

Crafting score charts for the choir! #AMEN #4partharmony 

Crafting score charts for the choir! #AMEN #4partharmony